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About The Dance School

Where Passion Meets Grace

World Dance Champions Marcin and Ksenia, come with a wealth of dance experience and knowledge behind them. Dancing Latin and Ballroom from an early age, they have trained, competed and performed at the highest levels worldwide. Passionate and enthusiastic about their chosen career, they are looking to pass on their experience and talent to those of you who want to learn from the very best!

Become part of the Viva School of Dance family and embark on a dance journey that will not only enhance your skills but also enrich your life. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, there’s a place for you here. Let’s dance together and make beautiful memories on and off the dance floor.

Why Chose Us?

Discover the Difference at Viva School of Dance

Viva School of Dance is a safe and comfortable environment in which you can learn to dance. A friendly and happy school that welcomes all ages and abilities to the dance floor.

It is a place where:

• You can allow yourself to feel calm and free.
• You can make your dreams come true.
• You will find a lot of support and motivation.
• We teach children and adults with love.

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Our Classes

From the disciplined elegance of Ballet to the fiery passion of Latin Dance, our curriculum offers a diverse range of styles taught by our team of professional instructors. Each class is designed to challenge and inspire, providing students with the technique and artistry to excel both on and off the dance floor.

Our Vision

We dream of a place where the next generation of dancers can flourish, fostering a community that values artistic integrity, cultural diversity, and mutual respect. Our goal is to be a beacon of excellence in dance education, nurturing talent and passion in every student that walks through our doors.

Our Awards

At Viva School Of Dance, our dedication to the art of dance and our commitment to our students have been recognized time and again. We are honored to have received accolades that affirm our status as one of the premier dance school in Dublin. Join us and be a part of Dublin’s award-winning dance legacy.

Ksenia Yanchenkova Director

Ksenia Yanchenkova

Ksenia is a former Latin World Champion (2017). She is President of DanceSport Federation of Ireland and Chair of the Athletes Commission. She currently represents Ireland in World & European Latin Championships (Professional Division). Ksenia is co-director of Viva School of Dance, one of the leading dance schools in Dublin.

Marcin Szymutko Director

Marcin Szymutko

Marcin is a former Latin World Champion (2017). He is also Chair of The Media and Digital Marketing Department of DanceSport Federation of Ireland. He currently represents Ireland in World & European Latin Championships (Professional Division). Marcin is director of Viva School of Dance, one of the leading dance schools in Dublin.

Dance Teachers

Our Professional Instructors

Ksenia Yanchenkova
Ballroom & Latin

Ksenia Yanchenkova

Marcin Szymutko
Ballroom & Latin

Marcin Szymutko

sergiu tihon

Sergiu Tihon