Hip Hop Kids

Hip Hop Classes for Kids

Dive into the energetic world of hip hop with Viva School Of Dance, a leading destination for children’s hip hop dance classes. Our school is a vibrant hub where young talent blossoms, creativity soars, and every step brings a new adventure. Whether your child is taking their first dance steps or looking to master advanced moves, our classes are designed to fuel their passion for dance and self-expression.

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About Us

At Viva School Of Dance, we believe in the power of dance to transform lives. Hip hop, with its rich cultural history and diverse styles, offers a unique platform for kids to express themselves, build confidence, and develop physical fitness. Our team of experienced instructors is passionate about nurturing young dancers, providing a supportive, fun, and dynamic learning environment.

Our Program

Tiny Groovers (Ages 3-5)
Introducing the little ones to hip-hop through fun, energetic routines that focus on rhythm and basic dance moves..

Junior Hip Hop (Ages 6-8)
Building foundational skills in hip-hop, emphasizing coordination, musicality, and simple choreography.

Pre-Teen Hip Hop (Ages 9-12)
Enhancing dance techniques, creativity, and performance skills, preparing for more complex routines.

Teen Hip-Hop (Ages 13-16)
Focused on advanced hip-hop techniques, freestyling, and developing a personal dance style.

Class Schedule

We understand the busy lives of families, which is why our class schedules are flexible. Offering various slots throughout the week, we make it easy for your child to pursue their passion for hip hop. Visit our timetables for detailed class timings.

Beginners Timetable

Hip Hop Kids Beginners

Day: Every Tuesday
Start Date: Join Any Time
Time: 18:00-19:00
Duration: 4 weeks